• Benefits of wood therapy

    • – Relaxes body for an experience a reduction in physical and mental stress tension 

      – Also removed the blood flow of your body where rolling pins are used 

  • Benefits of sauna detox

    • – Eliminates fat-soluble chemicals from the body 

      – Rejuvenates the skin 

  • Benefits of a non surgical butt lift

    • – Enhances the shape of your butt 

      – Subtle lift with natural results 

      – Lasts up to 2-3 years

  • What is vaginal steaming & benefits?

    • – A vaginal cleanse , regulating menstruation, and easing period cramps and bloating.

      – Rebalances hormones 

      – Tightens the vagina 

  • What is cellulite reduction?

    • Treatment using a tiny laser probe inserted beneath the skin through a small incision, it heats the tissues beneath the skin’s surface where it releases some of the fibrous septa.

  • How is teeth whitening beneficial?

    • – Improves appearance and protects the health of the tooth

      – Break up surface stains without harming the enamel or the structure of the tooth itself 

      – Recommended you whiten teeth every 3 months

  • What is body cavitation and it’s benefits?

    • Non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body